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Customer Feedback:

"Much to my delight, my silver and gold Hook & Rigging bracelets, along with my new favourite 'Big Bang' pendant by Dot Dot Dash arrived on my desk this morning. Mine is silver with plum leather and my partner's gift is gold, just like the one pictured above. The packaging is very neat too. I guess this makes me one of the first Aussies to be sporting these beaut new accessories. I'm super impressed and I wish Arran and Kirk every success with this project and anything else they put their creative minds and clever hands to. Well done guys!"- Robb E

"The best news I've gotten all day. I look forward to getting ahold of them. The speed of your work has been astounding, and I'll definitely recommend your work to those I know."- Ginzunami

"I just received my Hook and Rigging today and love it! Thanks DotDotDash. The first bracelet that fits my wrist because the mechanism is infinitely adjustable. The Plum colour is beautiful. One thing I've noticed is the metal parts and leather are all quite robust so it feels high class. I hope you guys produce this concept in another style sometime soon." Jonny Marchbank

"I'm happy to report that my pair of bracelets arrived today, suffice to say the branding is on point and very consistent. The packaging is good and the items appear to be well made. The colours seem to have been well represented within the project and it is comfortable to wear. Given the timescale from the end of the project to fulfilment Arran and Kirk have done a great job. I hope everyone is as happy as I am. (Now to post the other to a friend as a gift)"- Adam Hicks

"Mine arrived yesterday and I absolutely love it, Very happy with the quality and premium feel. I picked Round black leather and I'm loving it, Many Thanks guys!" – Michael Fendick

"Can i just say that, that is probably one of the best delivery emails i have received. Thank you so much. Looking forward to receiving it. Regards,"- Thomas Yii